About Us




Our Story

Where It All Began

“A few years ago, my family and I realized that we wanted to share our favorite hispanic, culinary flavors with the world. We decided the easiest way to get our food out to the most people would be for us to be portable and able to meet patrons right where they are at. That’s where Sazon On Wheels was born.”

Andy Ramos, Founder/Owner


What We Offer

Fresh Menus

While our menu is always changing and adapting, you can still count on your favorites hanging around.

Fresh Ingredients

We are proud to serve fresh, never frozen meats in combination with the freshest vegetables and sides you have ever tasted.


Boxed up and ready to eat at a picnic table or on the go, we try to make our meals as portable and accessible as possible.

Creative Chefs

Our chefs pride themselves in providing the kind of quality our customers deserve and expect from us. Our guarantee is that you will walk away satisfied and smiling.

Authentic Cuisine

Our team is built on Hispanic heritage that has seen every type of cuisine. From South America to Puerto Rico, our food is a fusion of all the best flavors and spices our culture has to offer.

In the Spotlight

Awards & Recognition

Mentions in local newspapers